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The energy challenge is one of the greatest tests faced by the world today. Energy use directly impacts the environment through the extraction and consumption of natural resources for fuel as well as through greenhouse gas emissions and climate change resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels. One simple way of addressing these complex issues is to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Economy have to create more with less and deliver greater value with less input, thereby using energy resources in a sustainable way and limiting drastically greenhouse gas emissions to fight the climate change.


Veolia Water, as a group of companies providing worldwide water and sewage services, has developed a programme Water2Energy, i.e. a sound energy management in water and sewage facilities based on energy efficiency improvement and production of renewable energy. In 2010, 11% Veolia Water’s total energy consumption was renewable energy.

Implemented in facilities operated by Veolia, the programme Water2Energy aims to assist businesses, institutions and municipalities with actions that can be taken to use energy more efficiently and rely on clean and renewable sources of energy in the management of water and sewage utilities.

The Water2Energy project surprises at the Best Innovator 2012 competition
Prague, November 30, 2012

Veolia Voda’s Water2Energy project won the “Biggest Surprise of the Competition” award, announced by A. T. Kearney in Prague’s National Technical Library as part of the “Best Innovator 2012” innovation management competition on 30 November.

Veolia Voda received the award for implementing innovative processes, specifically its Water2Energy project. The project enables Veolia Voda’s contractual partners to reduce the costs of electricity consumption during the production, distribution, extraction, and treatment of water while maximising the use of the energy potential during such processes.

Ondřej Beneš, the company’s Technical Director, received the award on behalf of the company and thanked the organisers as the competition had made it easier to better identify the innovation management process at the company. “Also, the IDEO project where our employees are continuously motivated to submit and implement new proposals aimed at process and operation optimisation plays an important role at Veolia Voda Group,” Ondřej Beneš said.

LINET, a leading producer of hospital and nursing care beds, won the first edition of the competition in the large enterprise category. The winner in the small and medium-sized enterprise category is COMTES FHT, focusing on applied material research and research into thermal processing of metallic materials.

The Best Innovator competition is exceptional in that, instead of assessing specific innovations, it focuses on the processes whereby companies manage innovation. In addition, it does not focus only on product or service innovations; it also covers innovations in company processes and business models. In total, almost 100 companies operating in the Czech Republic enrolled in the competition, and 20 of them proceeded to the finals.